1) Social Distancing of 2 Metres to be observed at all times

2) Match Secretary to draw peg numbers for all  Anglers

3) Anglers to only fish designated swims agreed by the committee

4) Anglers to provide the Match Secretary with the correct money. He will use gloves to handle the money and pay it out after a minimum of 1 Week.

5) A MAXIMUM of 30lbs in any one keepnet.Any weight ovr 30lbs will be discounted.

6) Anglers will place their own fish in the weigh net whereby a designated angler will weigh all the fish in the match. ( Hence the reduced weight of 30lbs)

7) All Anglers to book in prior to the match. Block bookings are not allowed and booking for other anglers is prohibited. Anyone turning up on the day without booking will be turned away.